Familiar tradition

Taliax, belt's factory

In the 1960s my Sicilian grandparents emigrated to north looking for better opportunities and, after a lot of hard work, decided to found the factory in Bresso, outside Milan. Taliax is made up of craftsmen and craftswomen specialised in the manufacture of small leather goods. Their skills have been improved over the years and they have become true experts in leather goods. Taliax is currently in the hands of Sandro and Lourdes, the second generation of the family to run the company. Sandro, my father, is the expert craftsman who knows how to work the leather to obtain a high quality article. Lourdes, my mother, is in charge of production and keeps everything running smoothly.
Our kids

Gerónimo & Rocco

Meet Geronimo (Gero for friends) and Rocco, the two children of the family. Gero arrived in 2016 and won over our lives with his sweet and cantankerous character. He loves sleeping and cuddles with daddy. Rocco, although he looks older, is the youngest of the duo and arrived at our home in September 2018. Rocco today still doesn't understand that he is an adult dog as he doesn't miss a chance to end up in the mud, bite the pens or upset Gero's existence. On the other hand he is extremely affectionate and wins over with his sweet look.
and of a need was born

Branni Pets

When Gero joined our family, Sandro made a couple of collars out of leftover leather from another production. We saw the opportunity to create useful and functional pieces using all the resources we had at our disposal: infinite colourful leathers, extravagant prints and textures, hardware with different finishes... And a very little exploited market niche. In November 2017 Branni Pets was born and today we continue to make excellent quality collars, leashes and accessories for all of you and your beloved dogs.

Make your daily walks extraodinary.

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