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Red Lia Necklace

The necklace from the Lía collection has come to stay marked a before and after in our collections. We wanted to bring the sophistication of fine leather goods and luxury accessories to our (and your) beloved dogs making necklaces that stand out for their colors, texture and manufacture. We have chosen a vaccine skin with bright crocodile print, easy to clean and durable over time.
You'll want your dog to wear the Lía necklace all the time, believe us.
  • Vaccine leather necklace with crocodile print, Italian tanning
  • Buckle, pin and ring iron with golden bathBright
  • Anilla portamedallita
  • Sewing along the entire necklace
  • Vaccine skin lining
  • Protective fabric bag, perfect for travel and commuting
  • Designed in Barcelona, produced in Milan
  • Six sizes available
  • Don't forget to combine it with our strap

Size guide

  • Xs:22-27.5 cm (width 1.8 cm)
  • S:27-32.5 cm (width  1,8 cm)
  • M:32-37.5 cm (width  1,8 cm)
  • L:37.5-43.5 cm (width 2.8 cm)
  • L2:42.5-48.5 cm (width  2,8 cm)
  • XL: 46-52 cm (width  2,8 cm)

Care and maintenance

Rub any stain with a dry or slightly damp cloth. DO NOT use moisturizers or various additives. Clean the ring and buckle with a dry cotton cloth.