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Fuxia Martingale dog collar


The martingale collar is a favourite of many sighthound owners, from Italian greyhounds to whippets, Spanish greyhounds and Afghan hounds, as it fits perfectly to the dog's anatomy. Sighthounds have a long neck and a narrow head which makes it easy for some collars to slip off. However, our martingale has an anti-escape system that allows the accessory to tighten in case the dog is frightened, preventing it from slipping down his head.

That is why we have created this special collar for sighthounds, with a wide and comfortable structure to adapt to your dog's physiognomy. We wanted to keep a simple aesthetic and play with the quality of the leather and the variety of colours that this material offers us. Our aim was to achieve a timeless collar that never goes out of fashion but with a fresh, elegant and simple touch.


  • Special martingale collar for sighthounds (whippet, greyhound, borzoi, saluki, etc.) made of 100% cowhide leather.
  • 100% soft leather lining
  • Golden solid brass fittings
  • Beige stitching
  • Double anti-escape system
  • Cloth pouch perfect for travels
  • Designed in Barcelona and produced in Milan

Size guide

  • XS: 20-24 cm (width 4 cm)
  • S: 27-31,5 cm (width 4 cm)
  • M: 29-33,5 cm (width 4,5 cm)
  • ML: 33-39 cm (width 4.5 cm)
  • L: 41-45 cm (width 5 cm)
  • XL: 48-55 cm (width 5 cm)

Care and maintenance

Rub any stains with a dry or slightly damp cloth. DO NOT use moisturising creams or various additives. Clean metal accessories with a dry cotton cloth.