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Emerald green mango


A good strap is essential for those rides with our dear dogs. We need it to be resistant, it lasts over time and that we like it.

That is why we have done our 100% Italian 100% Italian vaccine leather thickness of 2.5 mm to guarantee extra strength. All have a golden zamak carabiner of Italian origin to cover the Gero strap. What do you choose?

So when choosing your belt, choose the handle that you like most, make a very suggestive contrast or that it combines perfectly with the necklace you have chosen. Then, look for the GERO strap that you like most. You will get a unique, combinable and perfect accessory for you and your pet.

What if you have more than one dog? No problem, in fact the particularity of this belt is that you can hook two straps to the same handle and thus walk at the same time to your two or three pets. More comfortable and practical.


  • Combinable handle with Duke and Martingale collections
  • Soft skin 100% vaccine from Florence
  • Goldered iron italian carabiner
  • Seams of the same hue
  • Long 27 cm totals
  • Width 2 cm
  • Designed to create multiple combinations
  • For a greater control it can be fixed directly to the necklace
  • Perfect fabric bag for travel and travel
  • Designed in Barcelona, ​​produced in Milan

Care and maintenance

Rub any stain with a dry or slightly humid cloth. Do not use moisturizing creams or various additives. Clean the washer and carabiner with a dry cotton cloth.