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Orange leather bag holder


How beautiful the walks with our dogs are! It's a fun and liberating moment for both sides. You clear yourself from a hard workday or start the day with fresh air. Your dog enjoys a moment with you, with more dogs and running back and forth.

The walks are also the 'pee and poop' moment and we are responsible for leaving our environment clean and cared for. Never forget to take a bottle of water to clean your urine and a few sagging bags (better if they're biodegradable) to collect the droppings.

With our bag holders you can store disposable bag rolls so they don't unroll in your bag or jacket pocket. Place a roll inside the bag, take the end of the first bag and pull it out through the back hole of the bag holder. Then close the front button. Every time you need one you can stretch it from the back without having to take out the roll every time.


  • Poop bag holder in Italian leather 100%
  • Combinable with necklaces: Milo, Lily, Star & Flowers
  • Rear washer for easy removal of bags
  • Snap button closure
  • Small carabiner to hang from Gero strap
  • Size 10 x 6.8 x 2 cm
  • Designed in Barcelona, produced in Milan

Care and maintenance

Leather is a noble and durable material but requires certain care when it comes to being released. Try not to get wet and, if you want to keep it, use our cloth bag. Do not store it in a plastic bag as it has to 'breathe'.