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Port Portrait Blue Sky


Definitely the new port portrayal will be your dog's favorite accessory (see with an eye, we have caught our our more than once running at home with the portage in the mouth;)).

Designed to be a functional accessory but with a careful and elegant aesthetic, our portwork you will use it at all times: For morning rides before going to work, for the play afternoons in the park, when you have a more formal or vacation event by the beach. The reason for its versatility lies in its refined aesthetics, which combines in any circumstance, and in the materials that compose it: 100% resistant Saffiano skin, a strong and durable zipper, an adjustable handle with double press button and a fabric lining Black resistant.

So choose your favorite bits of your hairy, save them in your new portage and remember that every time I do something great, it will be waiting for you to give you what you deserve.


  • Cylindrical port portrayal bag with handle
  • Saffiano skin 100% vaccine
  • Black fabric lining
  • Gold-tone zipper
  • Handle with double press button
  • Semi-rigid consistency
  • Plakita in Dorado.
  • Designed in Barcelona, ​​manufactured in Milan (Italy)
  • Diameter 7cm, Height 8cm, ASA (Fastened) 13cm

Care and maintenance

Rub any stain with a dry or slightly humid cloth. Do not use moisturizing creams or various additives. Clean the ring and buckle with a dry cotton cloth.