Combinable leashes

Our combinable leashes are a must for your walks. Combine it with the collar and handle that you like the most, the look will be perfect.



Our combinable leashes consist of the handle (which usually matches the collar of your choice) and the long leash in three basic colours: cognac, brown and black.

Choose the one you like the most and combine it with the handle of your choice. The result? A unique, functional and perfect strap for everyday use.

Do you have two dogs and want to walk them both at the same time? Attach two straps to the handle of your choice and ¡TACHÁN! let'swalk ✨

And now choose the


The handles match the different collections of collars and harnesses; therefore, depending on the walking accessory you choose, there will be a handle to match it.

Do you want to innovate? Take a different handle to the collar/harness and you will have a unique combination.