Dog harnesses

Printed cowhide harnesses with ultra-soft leather lining. Original dog harnesses. Discover all the sizes, whether for small, medium or large dogs. They serve as an anti-pull harness since they have a buckle at chest height.

When is it best to choose a harness for my dog?

The harness is the safest and most preferred walking accessory for many dogs. We recommend that you opt for a safe and practical harness if your dog is a puppy, if it has an unpredictable temperament (fear of noises, people or other dogs) or if you are in training mode.

How do I choose the right harness size for my dog?

It is essential that the harness fits your dog's physiognomy perfectly but allows a couple of fingers' width between his body and the harness. The size to choose will depend on your dog's build and weight but there is a standard way to find out:

1. Measure the base of your dog's neck with a tailor's tape measure and add 2 centimetres to the result obtained.

2. Now measure the contour of his body just behind the front legs. In the same way, add another 2 centimetres to the result obtained.

3. Choose the size that fits these two measurements. Click here to access our size guide.


What are the advantages of having a harness?

The advantages of the harness are many:

- It is comfortable for dogs that tend to pull a lot on the lead as it relieves the force on the shoulders and trunk (and not just the neck);

- It is a safe accessory and prevents your dog, in a stressful situation, from getting free of it and escaping;

- It allows training and you can get your dog used to walking in the correct way, without pulling or bad habits;

- It adjusts to the physiognomy of your dog making it comfortable to walk with him.

How do I fit the harness to my dog?

Our harnesses are very easy to put on and adjust as they fasten with a 5-hole buckle system at both the neck and chest. Our harnesses are already fitted and you only need to put your dog's leg through one of the 'sleeves' and then adjust it to your dog's body.