Collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs

Discover all our available collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs. Different collections, colors and combinations. Choose the one you like the most for you and your dog.

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If you have a greyhound or podenco you know the importance of choosing a good collar. Find here the next collar for your greyhound.


It is essential to choose the best size for your dog. Here we explain how to measure his neck correctly and which option is the right one for him.


We show you the new dog collars just released, perfect for this season and that will leave everyone speechless.

How do I know which is the perfect collar size for my dog?

To know which is the ideal size of collar for your dog is simple: surround the neck with a tape measure and insert two fingers between it and your dog. The result you get will be the collar size you need. Then, consult our size guide and you will know which size of collar corresponds to your dog. You can see our Sizing Guide here.

Your dog is a puppy and you don't know which collar to choose?

When it comes to puppies, the breed, age, character and size should be taken into account before choosing a walking collar.

For puppies under 6 months of age: we recommend that on daily walks you use a harness that fits perfectly to your dog's body and prevents him from easily getting out of it; puppies are unpredictable and a harness is the best way to prevent him from running away. If you want your dog to get used to wearing a collar from an early age, choose the one you like the most and wear it at home for a few minutes.

For puppies older than 6 months: it is important that you choose the right collar and the correct size taking into account their walking behavior, size and physiognomy. You can consult the Size guide here or you can write us an email with your questions at

When is it best to choose a harness for my dog?

The harness is the safest and most preferred walking accessory by many. We recommend that you opt for a safe and practical harness if your dog is a puppy, if it has an unpredictable temperament (fear of noises, people or other dogs) or if you are in training mode.

Which leash is best for my dog, which one should I buy?

The first thing to consider when choosing a leash to walk your dog is its weight, temperament and your lifestyle.

If you have a big dog and energetic character, we recommend the multiposition leash since it is made of strong Italian leather and has iron fittings; we also recommend it if you walk with two dogs at the same time or if you want to have your hands free (you can carry it crossed like a bag without the need to use your hands).

If, on the other hand, your dog is very very small (mini or toy size) and you need a light and thin leash, we advise you to get a toy combination leash.

Finally, our combinable leashes are perfect for any shot, breed and size of dog.