Dog tags

If you want your dog to always be identified in an elegant and trendy way, we offer you a selection of customizable dog tags with your pet's name and up to two phone numbers. All our dog tags and pendants are made of gold plated zamak, made in Italy.

Which dog tag is best for my dog?

Cualquiera de nuestras medallitas te servirá para identificar a tu perro. Elige la forma que más te guste, la tipografía y escribe su nombre y hasta dos números de teléfono.

I want the name and numbers to be engraved as I want them.

There is no problem as long as you specify it in the order notes (all capitals, number separation, etc). If not specified we will engrave the name and design at our discretion.

Can dog tags be returned?

The dog tags are customisable products so, unless we make a mistake or a manufacturing fault, they cannot be returned.

How to clean the dog tag?

All our dog tags have double protection to ensure they last over time, but we can't forget that our dogs play, jump and get wet, so they will wear out with use and time. If the medal is dirty, you can clean it with a dry cloth without rubbing too much.

Do I need to buy the medal holder to attach the medal to the collar/harness?

It is important that when you buy a collar you look at its characteristics to find out if it already has a dog tag holder or if it is necessary to buy it separately. This is the case of the collars of the Moni collection.
So, if this is your choice, remember to add the medal holder to your cart and we will attach it to the collar; then we will add the medal.

WARNING! In the case of collars WITHOUT MEDAL HOLDERS, it is important that you make sure that the size chosen is the correct one, as once the collar has been pierced and the piece attached, it cannot be returned or exchanged (the product has been manipulated).

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