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Collars for all breeds and sizes of sighthounds: Italian, Spanish, Afghan, whippets, borzoi, saluki, etc. Choose between classic or martingale buckle fastening according to your style.

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How do I know which is the best collar for a greyhound?

Greyhounds, sighthounds and hounds have a narrow and thin neck that need a collar that adapts to their physiognomy, that protects them from pulling and that does not damage their trachea. The ideal collars for greyhounds are those that are wider than a classic collar, with soft edges that do not cause chafing and with a secure closure that prevents the dog from removing it easily.

Our collars for greyhounds are made of cowhides that do not cause allergies and worked to achieve softness and malleability. In addition, the buckle fastening system allows you to adjust it to the exact size your beloved greyhound needs.

What is the difference between a greyhound collar and a martingale?

Both the classic greyhound collar and the martingale are two valid options that should be adjusted to the sighthound's behavior and walking style.

Martingale collars (also called anti-escape collars or semi-stifle collars) are collars whose function is to tighten when the dog pulls harder. The purpose of the collar is to prevent the greyhound from breaking free and running away, and that is why many people choose this type of collar (especially because sighthounds are known to be escapists).

On the other hand, there is a large portion of individuals who prefer the classic greyhound collar with buckle or clip closure because of its versatility.

How do I choose the best size greyhound collar?

To choose the exact collar size for your greyhound or hound, we suggest that you take a tailor's tape measure and measure the contour of your greyhound's neck. Place it in the center, halfway between his ears and shoulders.

From the result you get, always add 2 centimeters and that will be the measurement of your dog's neck. Next, check our size guide where we detail what each one measures.