If what gives you the most pleasure is to see your dog completely dressed up, we advise you to choose a complete kit of collar or harness with its leash and bag holder to match. You will quickly have everything you need for your dog to shine.


Now you can buy your favourite collar, lead and bag holder at a lower price than if you buy them all separately. Your dog will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

How do I know which kit is best for my dog?

The first thing to consider before choosing a collar or harness kit for your dog is the following:

1. Do you prefer collar or harness?

2. What size is your dog? Is it a toy, small, medium or large dog? Is it a greyhound?

3. Which collection do you like the most? We have several with prints, plain or with studs.

Whatever your answer, we have the option that best suits you and your dog.

What does a kit include?

Our kits include a collar/harness, a leash with a matching handle (or a complete leash, such as Rocco) and a poop bag holder. All you have to do is select the one you like best, the size of the collar/harness and the colour of the lead (if it is a matching lead).

This way you can quickly get all the items you need for your dog to dazzle on any walk at an unbeatable price.

What happens if I have the wrong size?

There is no problem if you would like to change your size. Just contact us at or visit our website at this site where we explain how to do it.