Six months ago we set our sights high. We created a collection that would take into account minimalism, simplicity, sophistication and quality. We present you our new creation, essential and clean, without artifice: Nara.

Classic collars with a modern twist

Taking inspiration from our first stud collection, we wanted to create an elegant and refined version that reflected our minimalism and simplicity of beauty and good taste.

Impossible to forget our beloved greyhounds.

Greyhounds are the emblem of elegance and the collar they wear has to be up to the task.

Nara collars for greyhounds are gentle on your dog's neck, becoming not only an aesthetic accessory but also a safe and comfortable complement.

Care in every detail

We have been meticulous throughout the entire production process: from the choice of materials and colours, through the manufacturing process to the final inspection.

Each piece contains more than 60 years of know-how.

Little ones that are too big

On this occasion we wanted to give a leading role to the little ones in the house. Each collar has a series of studs that embellish it and give it all the character it deserves.

Black Nara leash

Red Nara leash

Green Nara leash

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The bag holder, indispensable

Bag holders have become a staple in every collection and a favourite accessory.

Remember that you can hang it from your belt, bag or trousers with the carabiner.

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