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Toy cognac necklace


Dogs toys or mini have special needs due to their small size and low weight. Therefore, you have to provide them with comfortable and adapted accessories for this purpose. And if they're also aesthetically beautiful, better than better.

The Toy collection is made especially for the little ones: chihuahuas, mini pinschers, pomeranias, Maltese bichones, yorkshires terrier... Each of the necklaces has a small iron ring to attach the strap to match and a buckle with a 5-hole system to be able to fit perfectly to your furry.

Our necklaces from the Toy collection are simple and timeless aesthetics, perfect to go handsome in the day to day and in the most special moments. They're all made with sturdy Saffiano vaccine skin, so don't worry too much if it rains and gets a little wet. Then give it a dry cloth and let it dry.


  • Special necklace for dogs of mini size (chihuahua, pomeranian, mini pinscher...)
  • Saffiano skin, Italian tanning
  • Buckle, pin and ring in shiny gold iron
  • Sewing of the same hue
  • Protective fabric bag, perfect for travel and commuting
  • Designed in Barcelona, produced in Milan

Size guide

  • XS: 16-21 cm (width 1.3 cm)
  • S: 21.5-27 cm (width 1.3 cm)
  • M: 27-32 cm (width 1.4 cm)

Care and maintenance

Rub any stain with a dry or slightly damp cloth. DO NOT use moisturizers or various additives. Clean the ring and buckle with a dry cotton cloth.